During your first semester in the Turing Scholars Honors Program you will begin studying the two foundations of computing as a science:

  • Logic and formal reasoning (CS 311H)
  • Programming (CS 314H)

We have accepted into the program a diverse group of students.  You all show exceptional academic promise.  But your backgrounds differ widely.  The purpose of this page is to give each of you the opportunity to spend some time over the summer, before you come to UT, filling in holes in your prior experience and enriching your understanding of the depth of computer science as an intellectual discipline.

The suggestions we offer here are divided into three areas:

» Programming in Java

An introduction to object-oriented programming in Java.  We describe a basic set of skills we hope everyone will have at the beginning of CS 314H.  We suggest that you review that list and then follow the suggested study guide if your background seems weak.

» Logic and formal reasoning

An introduction to formal logic and proof techniques.  Although no specific formal background is required for CS 311H, prior familiarity with the main concepts will be a help.  We suggest a couple of books you might want to look at, but mostly we list websites that contain tools that will let you practice some of the fundamental skills.  You'll also find links to some logic games that you can use to hone your reasoning skills.

» The Big Picture

Key intellectual ideas in the history of computer science and other things that are fun to think about.  We list here books that influenced our thinking about computing.  We want to share them with you.  None of them is required, but if you can find the time to read a few of them over the summer, you'll come to the program with a deeper understanding of why you're doing what you're doing.