UT facilities issue

If you have a UT facilities issue (locks, lights, power, exterminating, etc.), you need to contact the UT Physical Plant.

  • If you are in ACES or GDC, the North Zone trouble # is 471-7728.
  • For after hours emergencies, ring 471-2020.

The building guide is here.

UTCS equipment purchases

For UTCS equipment purchases, use our online purchasing system to submit and track your purchase, or email purchase@cs.utexas.edu for information and assistance.

UTCS hardware or A/V problem

If you have a UTCS hardware or A/V problem or request (broken equipment, install new equipment, move equipment, reset network ports, telephone problems, laser printer supplies and service, reserve a/v equipment, etc.) you should use our online shopreq system to submit and track your issue.

General facilities and software questions

For general facilities and software questions (how do I...? have you installed...? where is...?), check the Frequently Asked Questions first. Chances are someone has asked before you and the question has already been answered!

Software problems and other questions

For software problems and other questions, we ask that you send email. We know it's tempting to contact an individual when you have a problem, but we can route your question faster, develop a consensus answer sooner, and track the history of your problem better if you'll use the mailing lists we've set up. Here are the most important ones.

The ultimate authority - this list will reach the entire facilities staff. For detailed technical questions, complaints, or when you just can't figure out where you should send your email.

For anything related to file backups and restores. You can probably resolve many of these issues for yourself by understanding how snapshots work.

Our user database. For questions about your user account, expiration and renewal problems,creating or joining Unix groups, setting up mailing lists, gaining access to certain machines or features,and more.

For problems with the departmental web services, tips on debugging CGI scripts, etc. Since there are so many people involved in the creation of content at UTCS, webmaster will most likely pass your content questions or comments on to the appropriate page owner(s).